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Knockdow House is blessed to be situated in an incredibly glorious part of the world – Argyll.

Here are 20 fantastic reasons to visit:

  • Enjoy endless walking opportunities

If you love walking or hiking, then this is the place to visit. With its endless landscapes and rolling hills, this is a stunning part of the world with countless walking opportunities on offer.

Argyll is famous for its walking trails, including The Crinan Canal, Glenan Woodland and Knapdale Forest. Another wonderful walking spot is Benmore Botanic Garden, which is brimming with 120 acres of exquisite gardens to explore.

  • Alternatively, why not cycle?

Argyll has some glorious cycling and mountain biking routes. From relaxed, low-key routes to off-the-beaten-track adventure trails, there are plenty of ways to get your adrenaline pumping.

  • Discover Scotland’s rich history

From castle ancient ruins to old farming townships, Argyll is rich in Scottish history. There are many museums and places of historical interest to explore, including Castle House Museum, Campbeltown Museum, Easdale Island Folk Museum and the Auchindrain Township.

  • Indulge in the finest local cuisine

What cuisine is Argyll famous for? Seafood of course! Scattered along the coast are numerous dining options, from casual eateries to high-class establishments. Wherever you stop to eat, you will enjoy a wide range of freshly caught seafood, including scallops, oysters, mussels and much more.

  • Increase your wellness  

Wellness is something that we all need to take seriously, especially in this fast-paced era where we are constantly bombarded with information. Argyll is a great place to visit to enhance your wellness, whether you simply take a walk in nature, or spend the day in a world-class spa. 

  • Spot some unique wildlife

Argyll and Cowal are home to a number of indigenous species, including the golden eagle, the Scottish Wildcat, and Mountain Hares. All of these species are native to the region, but can be difficult to spot, particularly the wildcat, as there are only 100 – 300 left in the wild. Who knows, if you look hard enough, you might just be lucky enough to spot one!

  • Explore by horseback

Whether you are experienced or not, Argyll has horseback riding opportunities for every level. From pony riding lessons to a fast gallop across uneven ground, this is the perfect opportunity to try something a little different.

  • Enjoy a day of adventure

Aside from national parks and walking trails, there are also a number of organisations catered to those with a thirst for adventure. Visit Argyll Adventure for an action-packed day of activities, including paintballing, laser storm, crossbow, horse riding and much more.

  • Enjoy some world-famous whiskey

Scotland is famous for its whiskey, so be sure to visit a distillery (or two!) on your travels. Argyll is one of Scotland’s whiskey producing regions, and there are many whiskey tours and bars to choose from. Inveraray is home to Fyne Malts of Inveraray, which has an array of whiskey flavours to choose from.

  • Pamper yourself with a spa treatment

What better way to end your trip than with a day of rest and relaxation at a spa? Three spas to visit in Argyll include Aqualibrium, Oban Bay Hotel & Spa, and Serenity Spa. All three offer the chance to sit back, relax and unwind.