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Knockdow House is an isolated house situated in Dunoon, Argyll. Historically belonging to Clan Lamont and the corresponding Laird of Knockdow, today, the property is privately owned and run. That being said, there is a vast amount to see and do in Dunoon and Argyll, and a visit to the region is definitely worthwhile.  

Argyll is a rich and diverse region brimming with culture, heritage and the arts. No matter which part of Argyll you explore, you’ll be sure to experience a wide array of attractions tailored to your interests.

Here there are more than 100 local galleries, shops, museums, heritage site, nature walks and art trails. In this part of the world there is simply something for everyone, but the beauty of Argyll lies in the fact that it is actually a very isolated part of the world known as ‘Argyll’s Secret Coast.

This is because it is surrounded by desolate hills, sea lochs, crags, forests and national parks. There are also many places of unique heritage, including castles, chapels and even the 19th century jail, Inveraray jail!

Here’s a breakdown of some of the many other things to see and do in Argyll:

Culture, Heritage and the Arts

Argyll and the Isles have a rich and intricate history, which is brought to life by the countless heritage centres and Christian sites located throughout Argyll. There are also endless museums to explore, including castle House Museum, the Oban War and Peace Museum and the Easdale Island Folk Museum.

Sculptors, Woodcraft and Ironwork

There are many skilled artisans in Argyll, many of whom work with wood and metal. For instance, visit the Georgian Forge, where experienced blacksmiths specialize in horseshoeing.

Alternatively, there’s Fyne Wood, in Dunoon, where you’ll find the most exquisite wooden creations, from bookshelves and coffee tables to log cabins, garden structures and much more.

Artists and craft-makers

Argyll’s landscape is bursting to the brim with creativity, with many skilled artists living and working in the region. There are so many galleries and studios to explore, including Arthur Ker, artist and writer, and Lottie Goodlet of Sound of Jura Seaweeds. Lottie spends much of her time snorkeling and swimming in the South of Jura, where she collects seaweed and turns it into stunning collages and artwork.

Guided Tours

Argyll and the isles have so much to discover and explore. Take a walk through the wilderness, breathe in the deep fresh air, watch magnificent sunsets and see the starry skies above. 

As you can see, Knockdow House is situated in one of the world’s most exquisite destinations. With endless art trails, crafts, nature reserves, open spaces and wildlife to explore, Argyll should definitely be at the top of your list when it comes to places in the world to visit.

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