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Scotland is one of the fastest-growing tourist destinations in the world, with approximately 4 million people visiting the region annually.

Home of Knockdow House, a glorious 18th century mansion, Scotland is fast-becoming a holiday-maker’s dream destination with its stunning scenery, annual events and cultural festivities. Other factors that have contributed to the popularity of Scotland include the TV show, The Outlander, which has captivated millions of fans from across the globe.

There are endless places to explore throughout Scotland including Argyll, where Knockdow House is located. This is a place steeped in history, culture and mystery, where you will have the opportunity to visit glorious gardens, places of historical interest and even an old jail!

While tourism is great for the Scottish economy, council officials are seeking more effective ways to protect and enhance the region’s environment. All of this is fundamental in sustaining Scotland’s economic growth while ensuring the long-term success of tourism in Scotland.

One area of focus is sustainability, which has been placed at the forefront of holidays in order to protect the environment while supporting local communities.

Many organisations are working hard to ensure that the tourism industry can better support communities, many of which are facing increasing challenges when it comes to pollution, overcrowding and the climate in general.

Some examples of sustainable tourism include:

  • Greener transport

Tourists are being encouraged to use public transport, while greener forms of transport are being introduced to help in this area

  • Greener businesses

Many businesses are working hard to deliver environmental improvements to enhance their sustainability and economic performance. 

  • Inclusive tourism

This area of tourism aims to ensure people from all backgrounds feel welcome and included. This includes people with visual, mental or hearing impairment, people in wheelchairs and children with young families.

  • Even distribution of visitors

Tourists are being encouraged to visit throughout the year, including during the winter months. 

  • Measuring the environmental and social impact of tourism

Organisations are working with local businesses to bring a more positive experience to local people, tourism companies and tourists themselves, all while protecting the environment.

Becoming more sustainable gives businesses a competitive edge by generating cost savings, cultivating more community support for tourism and creating new market opportunities. This also places Scotland in a much better position to preserve its beauty for many years to come.

 There is so much work going on at present to protect Scotland’s precious environment while ensuring the destinations that people visit are not destroyed.

As a tourist to the region, you can do your bit by travelling as mindfully as possible. Catch a bus or train where possible or better still, walk or cycle, and always dispose of your rubbish.

With 98% of Scotland defined as rural (i.e., with a population of less than 3000), it’s imperative to adopt transformative initiatives so that tourists can have a positive impact on the destinations they visit.