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What is it about old properties that people find so appealing? Across the globe, people travel far and wide to explore stately homes. Whether they wish to simply explore for a day, book a couple of days stay or take the plunge and purchase the property, there’s something that many people find inherently fascinating about historic properties.


Perhaps it’s the exquisite architecture which modern properties simply don’t possess.

Knockdow House certainly has incredible architecture. It’s beautifully constructed with white exterior walls and even a crenelated tower with bay windows. Inside there are many magnificent rooms, including the former Great Hall, which has a domed cupola, which can be seen when you look up, and is supported by Ionic columns.

This historical architecture simply couldn’t be replicated in a modern home. And while many historic properties are well-equipped with modern amenities, the traditional architecture is just one of the many factors that continue to allure people to historic properties.


Perhaps it’s the history that’s distinctive to the property that appeals to people.

Historic homes are compelling in that they capture imagination like nothing else. A property 200 years or older is bound to be home to secret tales that may never be unearthed. What events occurred here many hundreds of years ago? Are there any ghosts lingering throughout the grounds?

It’s really hard to deny the allure of a great historic home. Many of us have an instinctive desire to discover what was going on before us in a property we’ve stepped foot in.

The Grounds

Knockdow House is surrounded by acres of land, including gardens, lawns, parkland and forests. From rolling hills, lawns and gardens to lakes and ponds, you could while away hours here, exploring the grounds of your own accord as you enjoy the birdsong and the endless views.

Exploring enchanting grounds is a great way to learn about different trees and plants while soaking up some peace and tranquillity.

These are also features we could only dream of in our modern homes.

The Enduring Appeal of Historic Homes

There’s something unique and appealing about historic properties, and Knockdow House is no exception. Nestled away in Argyll’s Secret Coast, this hidden gem boasts all three of the above: incredible architecture, fascinating history and enchanting grounds.

The interior is simply stunning with exquisite furnishings, many of which date back to the 18th century when the Lamont Clan ruled over the surrounding lands. Their Laird of Knockdow was responsible not only for protecting the property from intruders, but also the surrounding lands.

Historic homes freeze a moment in history forevermore, and provided they are well taken care of, they will only get better with age. While they are certainly far from perfect, they are brimming with character, charm and appeal.